mostly sunny

the sky’s so sweet!

the honey fields are back,

and all i want to do is sit inside-out,

a crooked …  77 …

          howl at the sun

with a harmonica

spread over my lips

like a half-written poem.


a Twiglet for Misky


10. “i saw Her face full-on”

,and i could have died thereof
on roller coaster hill.
but my heart-struck feet
kept a padding up and over,

up and over the next mogul
threatening to come between Her
and i, and before i knew it, the blonde
field sections next to me started humming

in orchestral reaction to all the astral dust
She was throwing down in Chapman, —
where tornadoes tend to go,
where i knew if i’d get there too,

She’d take me up as Her child
of the great western plains, —
the cows weak-kneed in prayer
the mosquitoes still sleeping


5: NaPoWriMo
Kansas: the Land of Ah’s
Best state to watch sunsets/sunrises

She’s Got to Have It

She’s got to have it
with intensity,
until she glows.
Cue the film director’s
pan and sweep
in slow-mo.
Give her smooth
liquid velvet
coating her brain.
Give her sunbeams
more brilliant
than yesteryear’s

(for Quickly)

when i close my eyes


across the sea, across the sea~ acapulco pink is for real &flamingos are for real &stirring straws do not drown in fishbowl glasses.

i can see it~ acapulco pink is subdermal, subdermal if not geographical &if not geographical, subdermal.

when i close my eyes~ acapulco pink is for real &flamingos are for real &stirring straws do not drown in fishbowl glasses.

for Poetic Asides &Real Toads

Come Sun

four in the morning
staring up at the ceiling
weary with moonlight

come sun!  each contrite corner
awash in a golden glow


For Kendra

my heart’s eye
the ministry
of the moon

coming down
in collective
bits of sunshine
pouring past the sill

and no earth
stood between
her pearl bath
and my pillow

and these three
words pressed in-
first love
(and) mother


Time Traveler

deja vu~
seized by the same moon
once again

I’ve been here before, to the other side of the moon, but I’ve wandered so long, traveled so far that I faintly recall this place–this  soft strand of fiber twisted aright in my brain. Hither and thither, so random the beauty. I see the moon, and the moon sees me as I travel upon this lighted rail for a million moons. Yet a million suns.

day dreamer
voyage to the sun~
wander love

Written for Carpe Diem #368  (1500 Km into our train ride with Aleph)


written for Carpe Diem

fog over empty pond 
in wingspans of migratory geese
farewell to summer           -Ese

i reach into my pockets 
fishing for the long lost sun -angie inspired 




Brighter than the Sun!

Moon unworthy of your feet,

your twelve Star garland.