how should i sleep?

with his arm draped
around my softened shoulder
with his breath warming my left ear
which, by the way,
suddenly hears
everything assuredly now, —

he loves me,
he loves me,
he loves me,
only in beautiful ways
like Japan, shojis, and pagodas
without the listless haiku

he loves me in perceptible
clear stretches of exhalation
so that i’m allowed
to join him in vanishing
snow angel dreams
which will reveal this way
of living
[come morning]
with new shoulders


for Sanaa at Real Toads


Dear World,

I’ve fallen into a sudden
need for sleep, -deep,

as you are shallow, – though
your usual business burgeons!

I dreamed up stuff you’re made of, –
crushed velvet &petticoats.  Am I right?

I think there should be a call
for sturdier diving boards. Helmets &knee pads,

along with a better photographic angle
-just to get out of bed.

[a missive for Real Toads]

To Conclude

To conclude Angie,
stop your silly guessing
&over-analyzing. All in good time
it will be night, dear.
Your body will be parting.
Sleep; when the time draws near.
Rest your head &whisper, so long!
Perhaps soon there will be a triumph
wordless things.

for Real Toads


Nap Time:)

Not one bird of prey
has flown the outer limits
as I, fast asleep