so maybe

i’ve opted
to install
is bad timing
what with
all this
sour punch air


9: NaPoWriMo


this is all for you

the sky
is yellow
the fields
are blue
a meek sparrow
overlooks the swine

is this what i’ve become?
you’re sleeping on un-
cased pillows
i’m living with
crazy unbattened buttocks
a heart no longer
beating on my sleeve
it’s closer to center

time, you’re doing it right
– you are a friend


for Real Toads

good God!

the sky is going everywhere
today in archetypal fashion
hackneyed and quintessential
all at the same spastic time

it’s outside of office windows
reminding all girl Fridays
whose shackles are getting
deliriously looser & looser

that it’s time to pull out
their wings, – those little light
saviors tucked into small purses
where no one thought they’d fit


for Poetic Asides

Galaxy Wheel

I’m always walking with you, -ignoring needed chiropractic adjustments. Never mind that, because all at once the meadow starts ruminating over the fires still smoldering past camel hill. Audaciously, you shoot your finger to the moon as if you’ve discovered a curious thing. I’m taken by the brighter star. Dear God, when will our necks ever align? Still, – every day we’re more honest with ourselves. We tie our tongues, and lace our shoes.

here, inside of us
the whole sky and galaxy, –
two divining lights

for dVerse

Why She’s Sky

She’s ‘Sky’ not because
She has blue eyes. They’re brown.
She’s Sky because we threw out
Daisy, Lucy, Goldie and Noel.
She came to us fresh and clean,
A snowflake from heaven,
And that’s why she’s Sky.
Well, there’s that. And also
Skylar Diggins, the Notre Dame
Basketball player hubby thought
Was great. But I never met her…
Skylar Diggins. And she never
Met my dog Sky, fallen fresh
From the blue heaven of mid-July.


i pluck a white flock
elephants easy as geese
save it in my mind

before the clouded tiger
overcomes it with much glee