this is how it’s been lately, —

mostly   appropriate,
with electric  sole   shoes

may i be frank?

may i clap a  hallelujah    after
each spoonful of chicken pasta?

may i have wriggle moments
for how   cream   feels
traveling from mouth to belly?

why would i stop noticing
anything other than bliss?


for dVerse1 & 2 & Toads


angel shoes

we line them up on the stairwell, —
when we don’t want to make him mad

size fives, left and right, go here, —
anyone can see how saintly they sit
resting their little soles on pinewood

brother’s go toe-to-toe, right here, —
a fairly functional promisary alignment
that the work boot father insists on

there’s too many tangled laces
in a lifetime for one man to finagle, –
so we line them up on the stairwell

27: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads


Mi Young Lee

Mi Young Lee

how does anyone
interpret a life?

it’s the direction
your shoes point

that tells your
vested interest

your vest
is interested

like your inside leg
in baseball

like your hips
in dance

like in love,
my dear

22: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads

those shoes’ll do

“But all the magic I have known
I’ve had to make myself.” – Shel Silverstein

i’ve had to lace up
many a pair of shoes
with holes in the toes
lilac purple stains
on both sides
on days i’ve needed magic
(quartz, &poppy face guaranteed)
i’ve got shoes
i’m not afraid of getting hole-y
so if you’re not afraid too,
there’s magic
in your shoe,
–  i know because i’ve seen
old dogs on hind legs drinking
from the old silver horse trough
sparkling with rainwater


playing it again for RT

50 Pound Limit for Middle Earth

Not that I’d know firsthand. But
you might want to bring a raincoat.
It’s probably green for a reason.
And hey, you might want to take
a flashlight that doubles as a
lantern, which also doubles as a
blunt weapon. I’ve checked. They
don’t allow tasers in checked baggage
or carry-on. Promise you’ll take a
couple of warm fuzzy jackets. Upfront
you won’t know another soul, and who
knows what a Wellington Winter is like?
You might have taken us too. But you won’t
gain a lick of independence that way,
so take our Go-Pro from the desk in our
bedroom. Just go, and break in your new
hiking boots, – their lovely blue spell
shell shuffling their way through Middle Earth.

[for Real Toads] some new shoes for my eldest daughter’s upcoming adventure studying abroad in New Zealand. I’m thrilled to announce she has also opened an obligatory blog to journal her travels to NZ and Thailand… you know, so her dad and I can see where all our money’s going:) Follow her at Mackenzie In Middle Earth to see her wearing those new Ahnu Boots we got her for Christmas. Her trip begins this February.