The rain moved just like our momma did when she’d tuck all three of us in.


16: American Sentence for Real Toads


Fragile, Gradual Things

October stubs her toe. She keeps darkness in her hoodie.
And just when you want to ask how many faded sunsets
she’s hiding in her pocket, October blurts out, “How many
other dogs do you see out here? Aren’t you the lucky one?”
Sometimes she comes out of nowhere, -brilliant &magnanimous.
Other days she limps over the horizon, – pale &unannounced.
And just when you think you’ve got October pinned as a long
lost friend, there’s a dead mouse lying in her hay-hacked field.
But there was an instant, just last night, when the black birds
she’d been harboring returned to the air in free spirit.
October’s a wizard &stirs the sky into afternoon rain.

for Real Toads


who knows if
the snowflake cries
in a loud, tiny voice

before he hits
the ground
before he joins
so many

an asterisk
or footnote
stuck beneath
wet galoshes