take your medicine

where did i leave off yesterday?

probabilities & scientific roots,
alternate pro-nunciations,
marocain fabric pieces only
one twelve-year-old can spell

(don’t disillusion me)

i need my
autonomous medicine dispensed (here)
in between eroding civil liberties
& privacy

why can’t we have more
human conversations & a no-asshole

& can we keep radio alive
for the illiterate, & the illegible
like me, please?

i’m tired of the
insanely ambitious paper moons
& tin cans anyway

i want to go
to the city of Elon Musk accessible
(only) by way of electronic frontier
& say, maybe once we find it, we’ll know
how to get there

be there together
alive in our precarious lifeline
of consonants & vowels like o’s & a’s
in our medicinal cabinet
of marocain,

our piece of
whole cloth jazzed up
with positivity only
& huge bets on forward momentum

but that’s kind of
exactly what
i said yesterday
isn’t it?


for Real Toads