Secret Bedside Life

It needs to be said.

There were regular close encounters
in the night. If I turned my head
to the right, there was a window, a desk,
a Coca-Cola mirror, a pastoral neighbor,
sleeping well I presumed.
Everything was (well) right.
If I turned my head to the left,
there was a darkened door. And a
clown poster: God knows.
So it was observance not to say anything,
but to push away what’s left
with the back of my thighs,
and my 8-year-old back which stiffened
in this ritualistic bedtime plight.

28: Real Toads


angel shoes

we line them up on the stairwell, —
when we don’t want to make him mad

size fives, left and right, go here, —
anyone can see how saintly they sit
resting their little soles on pinewood

brother’s go toe-to-toe, right here, —
a fairly functional promisary alignment
that the work boot father insists on

there’s too many tangled laces
in a lifetime for one man to finagle, –
so we line them up on the stairwell

27: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads


i can throw words
out of balance

yet i’m small ~ yellow
a secret question

a stopway off its hinges
i grow a little more infinite

within human limits
~ my door’s hungry

mother says don’t eat
with your mouth open

mother says don’t talk
with your mouth full

but i’ve always
been otherwise ~ yellow

i wear a light sweater
now that it’s April

and the sun is peeking out
to see where i am next

absorbed in restraint, or
inventing a fire escape

25: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads

you’re my favorite page,


i want you to know that
in and out of rain
i would have dog-eared
your form forever,
but i can’t bring myself
to put a crease
in your timeless beauty
treachery, i promise, will never
touch your needles of grandeur

24: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads

the embarrassing job of writing poetry

without thinking (too much), i do it again
bring too many chocolates to the party

i don’t hold back for national diabetes
i can’t be responsible for what’s been done

i offer fruit punch (another sugar)
and immediately hate myself,

vow to unwrap one (or ten) evils intermittently
forever, or however long it takes to cure my disease

23: Real Toads inspiration from A Poet’s Poem

the winky eye

you; +me
accidents in love
have the stars aligned?

sorting through
what shines brightest
thus; willed by will

23: NaPoWriMo


Mi Young Lee

Mi Young Lee

how does anyone
interpret a life?

it’s the direction
your shoes point

that tells your
vested interest

your vest
is interested

like your inside leg
in baseball

like your hips
in dance

like in love,
my dear

22: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads

at Omni

   There are limits

to the five, mortal senses.

    There are no limits


at omni salon
karen knows everything,
has an opinion on anything, —

the penal system, the color of spring,
the mortgage rates, take your first offer,
does that make her brash
she wants to know?
she quickly moves on to
the next topic, —

karen’s at peace
with her mom after what she saw
do you believe?
karen queries
for two milliseconds
and continues, —

we weren’t voice talking,
mom and i,
we were talking with our minds
do you know what i mean?
we all shake our heads
up and down about visitors
who come to say
you’ve got to move on
i’m at peace, not in pain, —

and in karen’s case, it’s not what you think
it was a willing overdose
to which karen said, okay then!
ever since she’s been getting out of bed,
brushing her hair, coming here to Omni
talk, talk, talking, —

in voice talk for us bobble-head believers
listening to her go on while she gets her nails done
in whatever luminescence best befits eternity’s bloom, —

21: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads

keep my words

smug bird on giant sequoia
woman with raven hair
she laughs,
she flaps,
she calls up friends,
drafts deft in blackened
watch her wend in shadows
watch her wield her hips
watch her if you must
but never touch her lips


20: Real Toads


, we
didn’t invent it
(we can’t pronounce nude)
is this the right language?

remember the time afterward
you asked if it was strange
(that sudden urge) to pray

give thanks for this
lifetime (agreement)
finished in a moment

sometimes (we cry, lord)
we wake up to a soundtrack
in our eye
we didn’t invent

we have to wonder
(,we) creation or myth?
nightgown, or shadow
shapes in Gethsemane?


19: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads