on the side

i’m a maker and it’s wonderful
(in short) setting words on a string
as a passionate something


a twiglet

All cheshire cats in the world feel the wind on their wire-slicked whiskers,

don’t let ’em tell you any different…

‘cept you ought to know they drink starlight

through their coats, and prowl the night

under a rare & remarkable guiltless moon.


a ‘lil ditty for RT
(somebody stop me)


stars know
my secret note
i asked the moon
to float you
~ did you get it?
please respond


micropoetry for RT

This is my heart then

Alone without a red balloon

Unable to lift itself
Without the help of helium

There is this fledgling bird

Or tassels on a spellbound string
I stretch across my window

A readied room


playing it again for Kerry
eternally inspired by Mac ❤🎈

A Delicate Autumn Film

This is no good, –
A poem in calm weather
Begins with gossamer.
I hate to see it.
Flimsy, – flying on handfuls of purpose.
On purpose! We all know where this is going,
But what good does it do?
I fall off the page, –
No wings, – no thread!

for Real Toads

Get golden…

Mom used to say,
When women get older
they’ll want a little sparkle.

Now my skin grows thin.
Now I’m turning gray
in my bed.

Nobody ever
really bargains for this,

Everyone’s eye goes
to what sparkles.
Buy jewelry she says

because skin is shallow,
and everything about
box-spring beds
scream slow death.

55 sober words for Real Toads
and submitted to Poetic Asides

To Conclude

To conclude Angie,
stop your silly guessing
&over-analyzing. All in good time
it will be night, dear.
Your body will be parting.
Sleep; when the time draws near.
Rest your head &whisper, so long!
Perhaps soon there will be a triumph
wordless things.

for Real Toads



for Real Toads
ala ee cummings

you want the hill country?

you’re discontent
you want greatness

you’ve got to go chop
your own menacing lumber

yesterday’s swing fell short and
yonder lies your strength if you believe
[yes, i believe] you’re greater than the giants

for Real Toads

Wordsmithing in the Real World

I can work with tangents.
Why must I remind myself?
It’s a game I like to play
coaxing ‘said words’ to come
back ’round to a better bend.
Sometimes a wily word
will disclose an actual word
it’d rather be, like ‘conscientious’
or all-out ‘capital.’ And when I say
it out loud, whoever has ears
to hear mutters, “what she said.”

(for Quickly)