how should i sleep?

with his arm draped
around my softened shoulder
with his breath warming my left ear
which, by the way,
suddenly hears
everything assuredly now, —

he loves me,
he loves me,
he loves me,
only in beautiful ways
like Japan, shojis, and pagodas
without the listless haiku

he loves me in perceptible
clear stretches of exhalation
so that i’m allowed
to join him in vanishing
snow angel dreams
which will reveal this way
of living
[come morning]
with new shoulders


for Sanaa at Real Toads


That Day in the Park

 images ~ Hell if I knew Eisenhower announced his Presidential candidacy here in 1952! But it’s engraved in stone beside the flowered pergola I stood across from in ’79 where two kids pressed their lips and limbs together in the rain.

 ~ Sheets of rain.


For Sale

by the shore
 discarded lovers
 broken shells       - JRB

snapped up 
by local merchants
who will hang
no discount tag   - angie inspired


Lay me down by lavendar

Let me drink crude sky

Cover me with salted air

My hair between your branches


Building a platform
Of words tied together
To prevent her feet from
Falling through his bridge,

He hyphenated his way
From the loneliest-of-all
Places, to the loveliest
Girl in all of the world.

(My challenge this weekend was to use 33 words about anything, including at least one hyphenated compound modifier.  The hyphen will join two words, or more, together to create one.)