everywhen (a biography evenwhen)

land dishevels itself
in birthing cows and
dying cows,
terrible you know, —
cows can’t escape themselves

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

but not the earthen air
be it an act of sacrilege;
and everyact of greed
desecrates meYou
and i donot ask You,

but You give it all
exchanging gifts, —
Kansas for shekels
and such, and such

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

evenwhen the cows flutter
their eyelashes,
evenwhen the world is gone
to them, —
gone for me too


apocalyptic stuff for RT


this weekend and every year

i love you secretly between shadow & soul
discard 4,400 innocents, “go kill yourself”
thanks to your love the earth lives in the body
evil explicitly gathers; it’s taking up cloud space
i love you directly without problems or pride
power and existence are one, and girls are written
i love you like 100 sonnets, so close that your hand is mine
stabbing, posting, damaging daughter/sister lives
i love you as the light of those flowers within themselves
and who can un-break the words; who’ll read them?


news mix with Neruda for Real Toads