March expectations

even the ducks say,
“stop (your) soaking,
let’s waddle around.”


a twiglet


Because of the Ducks (For my Husband)

Reading your letters reminded me
you were a half an hour late and the seat
belts weren’t in proper working order.
You couldn’t smell my perfume and that’s
when you told me you couldn’t smell
anything at all.  There was too much smoke
in the restaurant and if it was ‘Anchor Inn’
why was it Mexican? And if it was Tom Hanks,
why was the movie so bad?  No hugs,
or kisses; just spaghetti straps, mixed
berries, Golden Dragon, the Lonely Guy,
strawberries, bananas and chocolate.
                         We got lost,
popped the clutch and got a speeding ticket.
Why did we order that shake?! The car wouldn’t
run on love, so we coasted.  Jumbles and
prayers; bonding moments.  If I didn’t see it-
you said you would buy me some glue.  We threw
bread to the geese at the pond that night.
You got scared and ran when they charged. 
You swore they were just big ducks and I laughed.
You were trying so hard not to play the fool
And I– I remember why I love you.