keep my words

smug bird on giant sequoia
woman with raven hair
she laughs,
she flaps,
she calls up friends,
drafts deft in blackened
watch her wend in shadows
watch her wield her hips
watch her if you must
but never touch her lips


20: Real Toads


Dog, Cat, Dead Crow

Spectacular, really, that the dog gets along with the cat.
That the dog doesn’t growl when the girl puts a face into fur
that’s retreating under the kitchen table to take a break from
the yipping, the laughing, the cajoling, the holding & everything.

Spectacular, really, that the girl doesn’t cry when the cat
catches her finger and the girl catches sight of bright blood.
After a wash and a band-aid, the pink little girl says, thanks
and continues dangling string, horsing around & everything.

Spectacular, really, that the black crow who’s been carrying on
with some other black carrion over my rooftop the past two days
didn’t drop dead from the sky and land on my doorstep when
the girl came to see happy pets. That would’ve ruined everything.

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