everywhen (a biography evenwhen)

land dishevels itself
in birthing cows and
dying cows,
terrible you know, —
cows can’t escape themselves

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

but not the earthen air
be it an act of sacrilege;
and everyact of greed
desecrates meYou
and i donot ask You,

but You give it all
exchanging gifts, —
Kansas for shekels
and such, and such

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

evenwhen the cows flutter
their eyelashes,
evenwhen the world is gone
to them, —
gone for me too


apocalyptic stuff for RT


Be Resourceful: Tie a Knot

Because nobody should be over-dependent on
superglue or safety pins, everybody ought to know
a few knots;  bends, hitches, bindings, loops,
mats, plaits, rings and slings, overhand or thumb.
Even Neolithic man could tie a clove hitch as many
a Kansan will knot the tail of a dairy cow for a snow plow
given a certain degree of ingenuity and a lick of common sense!