everywhen (a biography evenwhen)

land dishevels itself
in birthing cows and
dying cows,
terrible you know, —
cows can’t escape themselves

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

but not the earthen air
be it an act of sacrilege;
and everyact of greed
desecrates meYou
and i donot ask You,

but You give it all
exchanging gifts, —
Kansas for shekels
and such, and such

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

evenwhen the cows flutter
their eyelashes,
evenwhen the world is gone
to them, —
gone for me too


apocalyptic stuff for RT


Let Me Tell You


Remember how we started?
In that room, both afflicted
With dumb &dumber doctor
A nurse/slash/judo chopper
“I think I can see the head!”
And that vase beside the bed?
A yellow breath of fresh air
Your father saying a prayer

~Happy Mother’s Day~
For mom, (a very short!) rhyming poem, even though I much prefer writing it all out less contrived, &more conversationally. Mom will re-tell our story today through grateful tears, reminding me how Dad cried, and how he never cried.