the decade when breathing was the worst thing imaginable (1985-1990 something)

i’d notice millions of
living people with casual
legs sitting in the room
too close to me
then i’d notice wild
hairs inside the nose
on my petrified face
up to no damn good
then immediately
or maybe involuntarily
i’d close up my throat
to become otherwise
(invisible) you know
–i never once
died before learning
small talk wasn’t as morbid
as staring at wallpaper flowers


  1. Yes, we need a balance between inaction and interaction. That is the advantage of having like minded friends or spouses that understand you and you them.

  2. While reading “The Yellow Wallpaper” in a doctor’s office while having an anxiety attack, perhaps? 😉

  3. Some of us might disagree, but WOW! What power in your words! I prefer walled flowers to small talk, but I am a happy hermit, impatient with empty social ritual–something I have to unlearn to cross many closed borders.

  4. You sing the song of my people…in the best, most silent ways.
    It’s so funny that you and I talked non-stop the entire time you were here…that’s probably the most I’ve spoken in the last 5 years. xo

  5. LOL, I love this. I once was a self-conscious socially awkward person . I LOVE your title, which is perfect just as it is.

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