how was it?

the vagina,
nods her head
spouts the latest
experiment in love
from the NY Times

the penis,
– pulls it up
on his phone,
in buckets,

he’s gotta
flesh it out
– a magical death
– a passionate child
his breathless awe

she’s searching
for some sugar
somewhere. exhumes it
from her mystery purse,
– surely a sex


55 for Hedge


15 thoughts on “how was it?

  1. This is clear and sharper than a paper cut–love among the robots, assuming they could ingest hormones or produce “a sex.” Some of us are still searching that mystery purse,with mixed luck…I’m so chuffed you played, angie–sorry about taking so long to get your link posted. I hope what remains of your weekend is fundamentally kickass.

    1. Thanks! And if kickass means ingesting this meatball sandwich and then immediately lying down for a nap…then yes 😂 And if my Fridays turn into Sundays, and you don’t kick my ass for it, I’m grateful.

    1. Michelle, as you guessed from my IG pics, I was at the beach over the weekend. It was to attend a marriage workshop/retreat. So, of course I took notes. So, of course the part about sex piqued my interest/passion. I learned that oxytocin is a constant drip for women when we talk, and share about our lives with one another. Drip, drip. drip. But for men, it spikes to its highest height right after ejaculation. No mystery there, right? Well, you coulda felt my utter disdain when another study was revealed to me…a “companion” robot is being made in San Marco, CA (I believe that’s where) for men. Of course, they can have sex with it. Of course, it will even respond to his other needs. But, they are also making the female counterpart robot….get this … robot babies (!) for her to “nurture” in order for her to get oxytocin. My hubby said I shoulda seen my face when I just hadda speak up in front of a mostly older group of attendees (mixed company of course) — “Hey! I don’t want any more babies. Give me the man robot!!” Something scurvy like that. To be fair, I suppose our toys are about as good as it gets for male robots?? Irksome. Anyway, I was also aware of the other study by way of Ted Talk about the 36 questions you should ask to fall in love. ie. Let’s talk our way to a oxytocin high (studies find it works). I even had the 36 questions as published in the NY Times on my phone. Talk, Talk, talk. Women. I felt a pang of sickness as the day wore on; thought I needed some sugar to even out my mood or blood/sugar levels, so I scoured my purse (to no avail), before settling that it was all about sex. lol. Here’s the Ted Talk if you’re interested:
      It’s easier to just google the 36 questions and peruse. Sorry for the novel. Poems are quicker.

      1. I loved the novel! You actually cleared up some oxytocin questions for me. I was totally aware of the talk, talk, talk our way to the oxy – as well as the high levels when we breast feed. I didn’t know the part about the male climax – in fact, I’d heard that the happy ending doesn’t have the same oxy bondo-glue for men as it does for women.
        Thank you for the TED link and the reminder of the 36 questions (I’d read those awhile back!)
        As for the robot … well, I almost said something uncharitable about my hubby there and he deserves better ❤️

    1. oxytocin in musical form. this is great!! …and also inappropriate for half my kids to watch … my older ones do watch/have watched this show. hmm. maybe my blog is inappropriate for them too? oh, my god. i think i’m inappropriate. 😀

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