5 o’clock

hits us
like clockwork
— we’re hungry,
and happy, and
slightly amused
by the bra-lessness
of the five of us
(mother like daughters)
moving our shoulders
hips, and stockinged
feet across the kitchen floor
— the only man ever watching us
croons, “wow you’re beautiful,”
but i’m otherwise interested
in chopping onions and
letting Dean Martin’s voice coax
my body to sway in a dastard
display of playfulness
i often swim in and out of
like the perfumed fish that i am


how did Susie know I danced last night? 😀 for Toads



  1. The communal is something so necessary to the dance — wherever two or more are gathered, there is dancing — something there is far too little of in the individual art. A micro-ecosystem here in the dancing collective of mother and daughters. Elementally swooning to Dean Martin.

  2. What a captivating scene you’ve sketched here, Angie. So many subtle and brilliant images. I love the feeling you left me with 🙂

    • My “big” girls have been impressing me with their cooking skills this summer. Makes meals more fun when they meal plan

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