A Hard Rain

I don’t have time for this
brand of living, for this
dedication of making things
harder than need be on myself.
Nietzsche is an octave higher
than my heart, yet nonetheless
his feet are my prayers shuffling
through psych ward halls impatiently
mumbling, “Who dares to say it?”
Prophets can be unbearable,
and because I’m in pain, I say
(apart from Friedrich)
let’s kill Nietzsche and his will
to nothingness in this hard rain,
— perhaps I do think of truth as holy;
so let this be my granite sentence.


for Real Toads


30 thoughts on “A Hard Rain

  1. I love the way your poems leap from experience like reader to writer. (Duh, how could it be otherwise?). There is so much untruthiness in the veracity of the daily report, how can one find a maintain a true north? I like your “granite sentence” though it has a duple meaning.

    1. thanks Brendan….granite tombstone, am i right? i guess there could be worse things carved on a headstone than ‘truth is holy’… or did your comment intonate that a holy truth is dead? careful which answer you choose:)

      1. Yikes. A granite sentence is carved in stone, great, and it’s also carved in stone, no change allowed. I rather prefer the epitaph “I told you I was sick.”

    1. Pain sure can make us feel hopeless, Rosemary. In the novel on Nietzsche hope is categorized as the greatest evil…a construct concocted by the hopeless. This is why I’ve always disagreed with nihilism.

      1. Yes, that’s taking things a bit far! But, I quite like the concept I learned from Landmark Education (as it’s now called) – that hope has no power; what is powerful is intention. Similarly, if nothing means anything then we are free to create our own meaning for our lives.

      1. It is interesting, so much of the poem was vivid and vibrant language. I understood the Neitztche references, but honestly, you don’t need him. You stand well enough on your own! Kill him off! LOL!

    1. Pulling light is what’s needed! I’m so glad you make this a habit tonight the darkness for you and your daughter. Keep doing what works. Mantras also help to hold onto something

  2. This one gave me chills – all around – first line to the last.
    “Nietzsche is an octave higher than my heart” and “granite sentence” = Ooomph!
    This has to be in my top ten of favorites.

  3. Wow, Angie, this one struck a chord this morning.
    I fashion myself an “optimistic realist,” but optimism and realism seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum lately. “Optimistic realist” could be the grandest paradox I’ve heard lately.
    Truth isn’t dead, it’s just a revolutionary act.
    Nietzsche…..well, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? I’ve played with his idea of staring into the abyss. Maybe that’s what’s happening to the world these days….maybe too many of us are staring into the golden bad-haired abyss.
    Rambling, but really loved your poem. Thanks for making me think. ❤️

  4. Yeah I have been increasingly burdened by the popular notion that truth is subjective. My brain and heart both hurt. This made me slow down and consider, so thank you.

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