blanket choices

the things you like, —
all go together

in your body shell
and tempermental intestines

with miles of bamboo space
for that monkey, that moon,

those flutes of feathers,
and happy day pennant flags,

a few paisley prints twisting,
wedding bands sewn down, —

pulling up now,
preferences for all the yellow birds

minus clunky gold cages,
and frozen gauze butterflies

take a quiet lunar sun to eat,
and one conversation piece crimson spot

some clever chump will market
as a deep ruby red, — garnet lace


quilting for Real Toads


23 thoughts on “blanket choices

  1. I can see the quilts in this. My mom was quite a quilter. she made my husband and I a gorgeous double wedding band in shades of lavender, violet, and baby blue. I have it hanging on our living room wall. So much to enjoy in this very visual poem. I especially love the “preferences for all the yellow birds”.

      1. I’ve had to repair a small part of one of the bands. This is one she made for mine and my husband’s wedding anniversary 17 years ago. She did all of it by hand. My sewing kit is a stapler and duct tape!

  2. It sounds like you have quite a few quilts – I love seeing quilts layered, from different people (grandparents, aunts, etc) for different occasions. My daughters have their baby quilts next to their teenage ones. And now I’m making them “modern quilts” for college… 🙂

  3. Gorgeous, Angie. I especially love the lines:
    ‘those flutes of feathers’…
    a few paisley prints twisting,
    wedding bands sewn down…
    and frozen gauze butterflies’.
    Also the vibrancy of crimson, deep ruby red and garnet.

    1. I have many many quilts in my possession as a result of being camp director for 20 years for a non-profit agency. My favorites are the ones from Japan signed “with comfort and love.”

  4. My wife makes custom bedding — gorgeous concoctions of lace and antique fabric and embroidery — never made enough of a dime at it but they create space like no other. That — sumptuousness — is in the fabric you work with here, which is most about getting to the heart for me.

  5. How timely…I’m heading back to my home town for our annual church picnic. I bought 6 chances for 5 bucks and a chance to win a quilt. Now I really want a quilt.
    Beautiful imagery…my temperamental intestines loved it!

    1. I have inherited lots of quilts. My niece knew who to ask to share comfy quilts for her outdoor wedding reception on the lawn! I’m only sad that many have been loved to death

  6. Hi Angie–lost my first comment (which was much more well considered! Ha!) This is a lovely patchwork–I especially like the penultimate stanza with the eaten lunar moon and the crimson spot conversation piece–I can think of a lot of conversations that one might involve. So clever. k.

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