when i realize

when i realize
things develop more quickly
in the dark if i close the door
— i close the door

i smile enigmatically

surprised to be listening
to the fugitive
life of things

— wrists clicking
bones turning
biologically (i think)

here’s an unsolicited sound
of shoulder cuffs rotating
my face towards breathing

Michelle &Michael
are there as well
— articulating

about a box
of sorted ‘Questions’
— imparting something
(history; as best as i can tell)


for Real Toads


22 thoughts on “when i realize

      1. And how do you make it look so easy. It flows like caramel and punches like a UFC fighter. You walk the balance of the two beautifully. I have learned so much by reading you.

    1. Ah yes….the ole swimming pool that you know so well (well, it’s MY backyard pool) — it was when I was floating in the deep end that I heard these things and forthright penned this strange poem. Lucid dreaming….I’d agree on that

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