this ash hill

this ash hill
in my drive way
is rich, is black,
is beautiful,
&possibly volcanic

this ash hill
“beauty for ashes,”
like a stop wall for
rape in elevators

this ash hill
is a ministering,
a form-fitting tanya
tucker mini skirt
pressed right on

this ash hill
is a mother
too beautiful
with hands
because of love

this ash hill
maps a footing
which is impossible
you say to ascend,
until you’ve climbed it

this ash hill
peaks at the top
of your house
so you can toe tap
that corner piece of pie

this ash hill
is a chance
to decipher coming down
like any normal would do
without using elevators


for Real Toads


15 thoughts on “this ash hill

  1. I see the shape of the ash hill in the drive in each picture you describe.. a small but almost insurmountable impediment, shaped like a volcano or mini skirt. Such an inspiring way to look at the objects in front of us, Angie.

    1. Thanks K. I let all the pieces of a Dream float around until they all landed in an exacting way. Things that at first glance don’t seem to go together actually make sense…at least to me

    1. It was an actual dream. Of course later I thought “oh, maybe this is because there’s ash raining from my sky basically all summer…” too many Central Valley brush fires

  2. The title on the tongue produces a murky slush which makes all the doors you open sensible and daunting. I can’t figure out the stop wall, but maybe the compression is fitting for submission and violence. A whole dream in the stanzas. Do you find your dreams growing more florid as you pay attention to them enough to write them down?

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