everywhen (a biography evenwhen)

land dishevels itself
in birthing cows and
dying cows,
terrible you know, —
cows can’t escape themselves

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

but not the earthen air
be it an act of sacrilege;
and everyact of greed
desecrates meYou
and i donot ask You,

but You give it all
exchanging gifts, —
Kansas for shekels
and such, and such

everywhen i love You
everywhen i hate You

evenwhen the cows flutter
their eyelashes,
evenwhen the world is gone
to them, —
gone for me too


apocalyptic stuff for RT



  1. I’m so grateful someone took up the idea of “everywhen”! Its a collision of times, now and ever, a deluge of disordering a firestorm of disappearance: And yet andyet who are we to say our sacrosanct timepieces ticked off anything but notime? Blistering tomahawk here, thanks so much.

  2. I want this to be a children’s book, with whimsical illustrations.

  3. A kind of e.e. cummings aspect to this, managing to be a love poem and also a world poem. There is a pathetic aspect to cows, even when one is not in Kansas any more–you bring out their trustingness, and also suspicion. Thanks. k.

  4. I agree with ManicDdalily. I was raised with cows. I know them. They step on your feet and pee in the bucket in when you try to milk them.

  5. I love the words you have coined in this piece. Everywhen should be a word for sure.
    The play on calves and cows is great too, and somehow humanizes the iceberg process, or at least makes it more warm blooded and sentient. Cool poem.

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