ante up

Red Poppy
close your eyes in the dark
close your face in on itself
you know what i mean wisenheimer

open the box labeled fragile things
open your eyes to do that one hard thing
(even if it means staring at a Picasso first)

be flirty with the light, —
it’s there or it’s not,  so improvise
use it to dilate your own smallness
shrivel your pathological safeties


for Real Toads


23 thoughts on “ante up

  1. I am very glad I read your poem right after reading ManicDdaily’s. Sometimes, when I watch the news, I want to close my eyes to it (I think it’s hard not to want to do that these days). But that’s not a choice that will result on anything good. So, I shall flirt with the light… and stare into fragile things.

  2. I see “Aunty Up.” The one woman can’t have a baby, but her sister did. The new mommy needs her sister to be there for her, despite personal pain and reluctance.

  3. The lines I’m taking with me have to be:
    ‘be flirty with the light…
    use it to dilate your own smallness
    shrivel your pathological safeties’

  4. I like the idea of being ” flirty with the light” and to focus on fragile things in life ❤️ Beautifully penned.

    1. my daughter just returned from New Zealand (a 5 month stay), and when I asked her if they have a lot of statues and art there she replied, “Not as much as you’d think. They do a lot of things with light.” I liked that.

  5. be flirty with the light, —
    it’s there or it’s not, so improvise
    use it to dilate your own smallness

    Being appreciative can’t be a matter of choice anymore. One has to show it and take pains to try to show it!
    Agreed Angie!


  6. shrivel your pathological safeties

    Oh my! How I would love to say that out loud to someone in need of a wake up call.

    1. K, I fear (as usual) I’m becoming a living cliche. When I was poised on the cliff of turning 40 I had a real visceral emotional upheaval. One good thing was that I suddenly spoke the truth and didn’t care if anyone else heard me. Now that I’m peeking at 50, I wonder if my body/mind is trying to talk to me (have a sit-down serious conversation) on an entirely different level, not concerned with telling the truth so much as living it. And why do I think this is too hard, and why do I roll my eyes? Anyway, as I say, ages and stages are so cliche. BTW, I just so happen (!) to be reading a Sue Monk Kidd book about turning 50, etc, etc. The Picasso picture she mentioned in her book was “Girl Before a Mirror.”

  7. Absolutely terrific poem and self-advice. The end particularly strong but honestly the whole thing is– I love the particularities of the weisenhimer and the Picasso as well as the more general message. Should paste it up on my inner forehead. K.

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