easy livin’


photo by Michelle Terry

in an act of kindness
the strawberry and blueberry
have no symbolism attached
to their tart little bodies
today, — they just burst
and zing as i fling ’em
into my mouth

but i do have to suppose
the gulls floating bright white
are overwhelmed
by expertly scooped
ice cream cones
barefoot kids offer up
from sparkly sand beaches

flocking to it
just as much as
we do to the harmonica man
with the high hat afro
puffing out sunset parables
we all need to hear


for Real Toads



  1. Excellent sound. What pure delight to read aloud.

    “they just burst
    and zing as i fling ’em”

    That’s so much fun to read over and over. 🙂

    • i’m so glad you hear a “sound” at the beach. i was worried i didn’t make it specific enough for Michael’s prompt. thanks, Plum

  2. What a joyous view of summer.. the flavours are richly rendered, as is the bright white of the gulls.

  3. Love the sound of the images, and the thieving gulls (I’m pretty sure they all live in Coney Island… eternally singing to each other of the last fly-and-taste attack).

  4. My kind of summer…..I can taste those berries. “seagull” is a makeshift verb in our family….it means opportunistic stealthy thieving of another’s food…..especially if it is seriously yummy….

  5. high hat afro. what a great image. yes, this is what I hoped for – sound, and sense, and summer. ~

    • Andrew is the high hat Afro friend I have who played his harmonica at the beach on the fly. Loved it. I actually added this after I published, as “that sound I remembered that was missing.” 🎶 Thanks M

  6. Oh those raucous thieving gulls! But such a delight as they dip and glide into the waves and dive bomb hapless beach goers. This brought up happy beach memories for me except I always offered them crackers which they happily took from my little paws.

  7. easy livin’ – an old song by Uriah Heep, a band I saw in London in the seventies.
    I love the way you’ve included the words, Angie, and those flocking gulls. Your poem has a wonderful tang of summer!

  8. Your words taste, smell, and sound like summer. I loved this so much.
    Printing it and putting it on my bulletin board…I want to take matching photos. Stay tuned…

  9. How enveloping – you’ve captured it all – the sense of place – hot sand between the toes anyone? – the soaring swoop and cries of the gulls always circling, the scent of water – the sun, the taste of fruit staining fingers – simple smiles – an easier time to breathe and just be – you’ve transported me – cheers!

  10. You bought the beach alive – wonderful. Perhaps they don’t seem to go for the ice-cream as much as we do hold it pretty close to our face… but I’d still keep an eye on them – they are very bold!

  11. You captured the ‘easy livin’ whimsy so perfectly in the first stanza with the way you described those strawberries and blueberries 🙂 and I LOVE the phrase “sunset parables”–brilliant!

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