animal(s) will

i am not forgetting
my extremely old components
when i sleep
i house a mr. cellophane
man beneath my lids
he’s there on a cliff, —
i’ll call it a nude bluff
full of (at)tension
&i can see him/me
&it’s not as dissociated
as you’d think; hey,
i’ve often perceived
tender lady fingers
bringing me
to the threshold before,
so this is normal
that he/me/we are
there for bread
as i wait in a car
with a bird’s eye view
with my daughters around me
collectively (they are me
also of course) 10 eyes
eye-balling the masculine
to steal what we need, —
a loaf of bread’s our limit
&does he/she/we succeed?
of course not, though it’s
in our hands! he’s caught,
dammit, so now the we/she
must control our impulse
to simply drive off
over the cliff instead
of to the police station
like we intend to do to
be law-abiding animals,
the non-evasive type
right now, — until
i pull it together
in the morning, put feet
to floor and trace foot-
steps to the bathroom
not convicted of anything


for Real Toads and
playing it again with
Carl Jung dream type
work for Hedge



  1. You perfectly capture the convolution that many dreams contain, the surreality imposed on our sense of normal.

  2. An amazing blend of dream and reality here, Angie!❤️ You totally rocked the prompt 😀

  3. I love dream poems — an acquired taste, whether from flailing in my reading of Jung or simply finding poetry’s metier perfect for their oceanic compressions — anyway great waltz to and fro and back in this house of dreams of childhood of death. The amplifications bring in all the relevant characters and the lysis — “law-abiding animals” for me– lets us all be “not convicted” as we walk away. A proper Hedge spell and thrall.

  4. For now. Join us again next dream for “Angie’s List of Vehicular Crimes” or “All Of Me, Why Not Take All Of Me: The Billie Holiday Night-Time Songbook.”

  5. Ha. Wonderful dreamlike reality and intensity–really cool and compelling, and that sense of the guilt and dependence females are raised to feel works itself into the picture as well; just terrific. Thanks. k.

  6. Love this especially:
    10 eyes
    eye-balling the masculine
    Kinda brings up a post-apocalyptic effort to survive. Appropriate! 🙂

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