how unexpected


do i expect to fly;
i feel my toes
avert my eyes

do i work
to unground;
i have stone-
stroking tendencies

do i ask phalanges
to web;
stop falling
for this feathered crap

do i let
heaven talk
for me;
fix future flights

do i know
what’s real;
can i actually
take it off?


inspired by Karin Gustafson
art at Real Toads


22 thoughts on “how unexpected

  1. how
    do i work
    to unground;
    i have stone-
    stroking tendencies

    This is such a startling… unexpected image. I love the way the words work together to make us all fall back to earth.

  2. Ha. This has such wonderful and really quite poignant word play–the lines noted by Kerry (yes!) but throughout–the letting heaven talk for me, the constancy of toes, the idea of taking off is also taking it–what grounds us–off–the feathers here are like a chicken’s rather than for flight–very unique and interest and strongly voiced. Thanks so much, Angie. k.

  3. Wow – as the others have mentioned, I walked into this and suddenly, I was lifted and simultaneously grounded, what incredible juxtaposition of words – I mean, it’s startling and breath-taking – literally gave me complete pause – and then forced me to read on – and the entire poem has this feeling to it – almost like I’m reading it, as a fledgling, trying to start to fly, flap a few feet, stop, look around, try again – it’s quite the sensation – honestly – it’s a bit odd, to be honest, but it works to great effect – and this is just one reading or meaning within – so wow – my mind is still wrapping itself in this flight Angie – how powerful a poem.

      1. yes, they are – and yet their determination – makes me wonder whether it’s nature, as in instinctual, or also affected by the nurturing, when the parents are nudging them along …. it’s almost a daily happenstance in life – LOL – for some of us, although it doesn’t always feel so good in the moment …

  4. Indeed. We are tasked to manifest the impossible, the impalpable and unelectable. In the air, too. It’s wonderful we have challenges like this one to commiserate that work!

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