it could be a molehill

the lovers
will spat
and no one
will be sorry
they’ll let the ants
eat the melons
and fourthly argue over who
pulled their heads
up out of the clouds,
— a downy bed space
neither can remember
unless their hands are made to touch
and sixthly, not even then (woman)
on this day of man

you’ve gone too far

for Mama Zen at RT



23 thoughts on “it could be a molehill

  1. The lovers are crowns of misdirection; the woman looks for Love staring heavenward, the dude sees heaven looking at the woman’s body. No wonder the mishaps of this pair are so infernally circular, one arriving just where the other’s gone on. I can’t quite grasp the end here, VI is still male territory, the rules of love are set by Eros, lording over entranced Psyche, turning crystal beds to molehills?

  2. This is excellent, Angie… truly inspired. I love the title, and what it lends to this satirical view of Eden

  3. The ants are the winners, obviously 🙂 I enjoy “unless their hands are made to touch” – and that probably means apologies… and I’m not sure man has really learned how to do that yet… 🙂 Interesting take on this very symbolic card.

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