take your medicine

where did i leave off yesterday?

probabilities & scientific roots,
alternate pro-nunciations,
marocain fabric pieces only
one twelve-year-old can spell

(don’t disillusion me)

i need my
autonomous medicine dispensed (here)
in between eroding civil liberties
& privacy

why can’t we have more
human conversations & a no-asshole

& can we keep radio alive
for the illiterate, & the illegible
like me, please?

i’m tired of the
insanely ambitious paper moons
& tin cans anyway

i want to go
to the city of Elon Musk accessible
(only) by way of electronic frontier
& say, maybe once we find it, we’ll know
how to get there

be there together
alive in our precarious lifeline
of consonants & vowels like o’s & a’s
in our medicinal cabinet
of marocain,

our piece of
whole cloth jazzed up
with positivity only
& huge bets on forward momentum

but that’s kind of
exactly what
i said yesterday
isn’t it?


for Real Toads


13 thoughts on “take your medicine

  1. Perhaps, but today you’ve said it
    with such panache, you’ve shown
    again another facet and another
    and the (shit?) show beyond the
    paper moons and tin cans.

      1. “The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.” —James Branch Cabel


  2. Wow, Angie… my befuddled brain had to really pay attention.. lovely use of jargon. I’m a little scared of the futuristic landscape, considering what the present is… Maybe Elon Musk can get us all to Mars, or at least the moon.

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