ever seen such a thing, —
latitudes of skin
explained bit by bit
by a little angular sunlight
a slow sliver momentum of
“never underestimate”


a found poem from April 15
issue of Science News Magazine
for dVerse  (this is what i do
when i sub for science class)


29 thoughts on “gift

  1. We had a prompt on dVerse long ago where we took words and phrases from a book we were reading and created poems. I believe it was called Erasure Poetry…quite an interesting exercise. I was reminded of it by yours that was culled from a science magazine article…cool!
    Gayle ~

  2. So sorry, unexpected visitors last night have made me rather late in responding to your piece. I really enjoy the originality in your voice…

  3. Science and poetry – swoon!
    Have you read “7 Brief Lessons in Physics” by Carlo Rovello?
    This reminded me of that. Physics that reads like poetry.

    (PS: Love your new photo – sorry I’ve been gone for soooo long!)

    1. quite alright Michelle…you can come and go as you like because you’re always welcome, and i know…always busy! I haven’t heard of that book before. dare i check it out? i’m NOT a science fan

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