this weekend and every year

i love you secretly between shadow & soul
discard 4,400 innocents, “go kill yourself”
thanks to your love the earth lives in the body
evil explicitly gathers; it’s taking up cloud space
i love you directly without problems or pride
power and existence are one, and girls are written
i love you like 100 sonnets, so close that your hand is mine
stabbing, posting, damaging daughter/sister lives
i love you as the light of those flowers within themselves
and who can un-break the words; who’ll read them?


news mix with Neruda for Real Toads


27 thoughts on “this weekend and every year

  1. The use of juxtaposition creates a powerful feeling of the chaos some people must experience on the internet. I like the positive messages you’ve incorporated. A favorite is “I love you like 100 sonnets..”

  2. ‘i love you like 100 sonnets, so close that your hand is mine
    stabbing, posting, damaging daughter/sister lives’
    a powerful couple of lines there, Angie and, yes, I often wonder, ‘who can un-break the words; who’ll read them?’

    1. it’s not like it used to be, that’s for sure. if somebody talked behind your back, you just confronted or ignored it, but in cyberspace one can never escape the barrage of falsities and insults. Of course, a teen could forego ALL social media to do this, but that would further isolate a kid in today’s world…which goes against what’s helpful. mean girls is really not a harsh enough description. VICIOUS (underscored) is more like it.

  3. For me there is here a mix of poetry and news, of yearning and the burning we condescend to, perhaps because — news flash — life isn’t poetry, or poetry can’t save us from ourselves. It’s hard to tell who’s victimizing the girls here, but the wounds seem self-inflected or against one’s own community. Fighting for the prize? or dying of it?

    1. Picking the same platform as Melania T. was not my attempt…to be sure…but I have met teen girls who have attempted suicide because of bullying. Girls against girls at a young age is so disheartening.

  4. I sometimes despair of this modern snark and cruelty ridden world. I saw a news story where a violin virtuoso stood in the subway playing the most famously difficult pieces, and everyone except children simply rushed past. People in general don’t seem to want beauty or to see it as essential. I do, you do. There have to be others.

      1. Oh, geez. I didn’t see the “cyberbullying” tag, early this morning when I commented. Now, lo these many hours later, I get it.

  5. The juxtapositioning of news with Neruda makes for a wonderful read. In daily life we are assaulted by bad news and beauty all mixed together, just like your poem.

  6. A jangly mix that ends up emphasizing the brutal, artificial constriction and harshness of reality contrasted with the soft expansion of love–really well done, and what poetry should be. Thanks for making my morning.

  7. Social media offers the cruellest of cowards an open door to spit out their poison with ease, often (they) hiding behind the cowardly cloak of a pseudonym.
    I am glad social media was not available when I was a child, for I would surely have been a victim of these cowardly onslaughts. I was bullied at school, this until I finally stood up for myself and physically fought another girl. I lost, nevertheless I won the respect of those who bullied me and they left me alone after that. I think people are meaner today and more cowardly and my heart goes out to all who suffer in their hands.
    Anna :o]

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