paper, rock, scissors

i kind of like it
when my dog’s fur
smells like corn chips
a familiar childhood
lunch bag wadded in a ball

and i can withstand my salty
grasshopper brothers
coming in for supper
with damp earth shirts
&sticky arms tattooed
from hurtling rocks
at the doberman pinschers

and when it thunders
&rains real simple, well
i kind of like that
shear smell too,
because it’s faint &remote

and not at once mud


for dVerse


17 thoughts on “paper, rock, scissors

  1. dang, I never threw rocks at dogs. but I did hurl dirt clods drawn from piles dug from graves, at the other kids, in our clod wars at the graveyard. ~

    1. Fun. I guess I failed to mention the fence separating us from the dogs. But my brothers were a little hooligans. One dismantled gas meters in people’s backyards.

  2. So cool to focus on such personal smells that don’t usually have poetry written about them. The end really made me chuckle out loud.

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