i’ve eaten a cure

i’ve eaten a cure song

and let it drip down my hands

juice falling from my fingertips

(the password is pomegranate)

and without saying poem, or night

and without saying i love you (really)

and without knowing how flesh can swim

i bank on our desire to see that red ruby

sea (part)


for Real Toads




  1. Sigh..❤️ a breath of fresh air.. this cure… this song..❤️ I may have to borrow it from time to time 😉 Beautifully rendered.

  2. I’m smiling, Angie, and not even sure I know why. I have liked your far out poems before and smiled. Perhaps that is the why.
    BTW, what is the cure song? See why I smile?

  3. Ah, love it. Before I saw the video you’ve attached here, right away I had in my head the song Close to Me. plink plink plink

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