i’ve been living this way for more than 10,000 years i think

and i don’t even know
how i am doing it
prancing to the playground
calling dibs on the swings
hanging fancy words
on the jungle gym bars
flipping my hair forever free
from real-life verbs
like rush and race

i go hunting-up some honey
which is always given
after i learned how to poise
my asking to approximate
kindness i simply need
to borrow from the bees

and pay no attention to
Jon Lucas, the pissy pirate
to all the pretty posey girls
(he only likes saying
I can see your underwear)

in the whole scheme of things
what you think is the next to
the last thing, never really is
Jon, if you keep on twirling
10,000 more days, months, or
years, — honest to god this is
the easiest way,

29: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads



  1. Love it! And you’re right. There’s no need for penultimates or ultimates if you just keep twirling. So do.

  2. A really strong voice, words of conviction. and even of hope that nothing has to end.

  3. Ha. I feel like I want a baton! Very vivid and wonderful sense of in medias res–and I am probably spelling that wrong but you know what I mean. Thanks. k.

  4. I love LOVE this!!
    I keep thinking I am going to more deeply explore the playground – so much and so many years (10,000) were lived in 30 minute snippets on soft dirt and concrete.
    You are so good – I feel my BP stabilizing.

    PS: love the alliteration in the 3rd stanza. Love it!

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