angel shoes

we line them up on the stairwell, —
when we don’t want to make him mad

size fives, left and right, go here, —
anyone can see how saintly they sit
resting their little soles on pinewood

brother’s go toe-to-toe, right here, —
a fairly functional promisary alignment
that the work boot father insists on

there’s too many tangled laces
in a lifetime for one man to finagle, –
so we line them up on the stairwell

27: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads


12 thoughts on “angel shoes

  1. Yes, this brings fear to my heart, as well. My mom and her brother and sister still remember the required order the colored plates had to go in, in the cupboard. Thankful she broke that cycle in her own home.

  2. I think you’ve mastered ‘show, don’t tell’. Besides the ominousness, there is something both cute and pathetic in the description of those lined-up shoes.

  3. OMG…this reminds me of a photo I took while in Wyoming last summer. I’ll send it to you.
    That said, your words hold more history and likely more heaviness than my photo.
    I had a grandpa like this…

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