in a new world order

you want to do online yoga
hold shaky ankle poses

make a mountain move
around two crumpled up socks

our living room’s too small
for walls, — bemoan this

so to construct a bridge
for both (you and i),

hold hips high, shoulders
down, and down

we hold, — out of habit
ourselves collective,

alone, show me your
shoulder sockets closer

our wrong-dones,
for this poem to become balm


12: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads


18 thoughts on “in a new world order

  1. You have a remarkable way of building a metaphoric comparison into a multi-layered poem. I love the yoga motif, and the way you slipped in the words of the sign so seamlessly.

  2. Nope, I never want to do any kind of yoga – having tried it a few times and not being sufficiently contortionist. But I enjoy the way your poem tackles it.

  3. Wowwzers…..I loved the yoga theme and how that contrasts with the concept of walls. Well done and viva la. I am so happy you shared this!!!!

  4. Love your clever words.
    I knew a rehab resident many moons ago whose schizophrenia had come to the fore when he began to practice yoga – probably/possibly coincidental, but it scared me, so much so I strongly advised my teenage son against it, when he expressed an interest in yoga..
    Anna :o]

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