The Originators

I live in a house built for antique
women; originators by the names of
Opal, Stella, Velma, and Irene. They’re
permitted to stay on a rotating basis.

Some Opals roll up to breakfast; age 104
drink apple, not orange juice. Some Opals
hail from Topeka, but enjoy small town talk
and hang onto a fistful of crumpled tissue.

Some Stellas are quiet; some cantankerous
refusing a bath because there’s no getting dirty
from sitting on your rump all week. Stellas
put lipstick on, celebrate life, and the 4th of July.

Some Velmas bring their husbands, but most do not.
Some Velmas may bring computers, with trouble-
some commands, while most mainly pack elastic waist-
bands, slipper socks, and a few filled picture frames.

Some Irenes sway comfortably in August on the front porch
swing draped in pastel woolen sweaters, while other Irenes
become the most endearing because I have to talk so loud,
because I have to lean in so close to their sweet roll faces.


10: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads

{word list: women, celebrate, originators, life}


12 thoughts on “The Originators

  1. Reading this makes me so happy. I’ve just been thinking about the grandma(s) (real or adopted) I’ve lost already, and it’s tragic.

    Your line breaks are so smart. I love the part about refusing a bath; I recall that argument very well. 🙂 But the clever “band pants” … that one really had me grinning. 🙂

    “Sweet roll faces” … adorable. And thanks; now I’m craving sweet rolls. 😛

    1. sweet rolls are out at every breakfast, and the first thing to go! thanks for your comments. Grandmas rock. All my adopted ones lived in the add-on house (except for the first ones who took up in my old room) my dad built for mom’s business. 🙂

    1. Thank you Margaret. My Mom took them all under her wing. Hated to see them fly home though. Very rewarding , but rough going emotionally. They all loved my Dad’s pancakes!

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