she was pretty

she was pretty
good at
with her canary
in the black/room

copied each note
millions of times
give and/take

she can steal
the chorus

untrained ears
don’t hear lonely
just/her song


7: Real Toads



  1. Your words immediately placed me within the picture frame, in a way I could feel and listen to the song.

    • thank you sanaa. i imagined this was my mother, who in all the years she raised me i never once heard her whistle…until just last year when we were on vacation enroute to our next destination she was teaching my daughter how to whistle, and reproduced her canary’s old song. i was impressed 1) because she has alzheimer’s, and 2) because i know her childhood was bitter

  2. there;s something about whistling that reaches beneath language, yes? Perhaps it reaches those hidden depths where we couch our darkest memories. ~

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