10. “i saw Her face full-on”

,and i could have died thereof
on roller coaster hill.
but my heart-struck feet
kept a padding up and over,

up and over the next mogul
threatening to come between Her
and i, and before i knew it, the blonde
field sections next to me started humming

in orchestral reaction to all the astral dust
She was throwing down in Chapman, —
where tornadoes tend to go,
where i knew if i’d get there too,

She’d take me up as Her child
of the great western plains, —
the cows weak-kneed in prayer
the mosquitoes still sleeping


5: NaPoWriMo
Kansas: the Land of Ah’s
Best state to watch sunsets/sunrises


15 thoughts on “10. “i saw Her face full-on”

    1. I can’t do the real experience justice. But I try! ❤️ ☀️ Just to let you know…after I read it to my dad all he said was, “well. Okay” Maybe I oughta quit

  1. Love This! This place of yours, I can tell. Holds a lot of memories. I can feel the nostalgia throughout.

  2. if you quit, we all better quit. weak kneed, indeed. did I tell you my cousin in law thrice removed is the poet laureate of Kansas? No joke. a gifted writer and just incredibly funny and humane. ~

    1. Wow! Does your cousin still live in Kansas? It’s unreal to me that I’ve lived over half my life AWAY from Kansas! I remember standing in the governor’s mansion receiving my first dictionary for being a senior scholar. Freshman year of college is when I fell in love with my thesaurus !

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