i know a few things by heart

like how to make french toast,
potato salad, deviled eggs,
that you like tomato soup
with patty melts and cheese,
that you’re happy once a year
with peanut butter and jelly
cake, legitimately pleased
that i understood the science
your mom taught me of how to
mix just the right amount of
sugar and milk into it, though
it’s an art and not a science
she would say, to which i whole-
heartedly agree, though today
is not the day for any of these
fixes, but for scrubbing up
the plastic bowls she lovingly
advised you to stop placing
in the microwave, about which
i’ve reminded you only once
of her paper-thin hands in our
dishwater since she’s been gone,-
we’d know her hands anywhere


2: PAD and NaPoWriMo



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