Foolish Woman,

you’d fasten your voice
to a patchwork sail
going anywhere —
today’s as good as any
to make sentences in rain,
or no rain, to have pretty
iCloud thoughts turn vaporous
because you can’t line up
the stars, — you’ll never know
who you are until you are
the swell of big blue words,
until you lick the salt of
the wave that causes you,
foolish woman, — an ache
in your arms from cutting
prepositions and pronouns
away from playful porpoises
(which is unfair to them really)
until you curve your paragraphs
and carve the sea (which no one
can do) to make a purposeful
poem beyond sparkling and clicking
understood more broadly
than dolphin speak


1: NaPoWriMo and Real Toads
Hey, “It’s National Poetry Month Peeps!”


43 thoughts on “Foolish Woman,

      1. Getting to see all the creative ways people respond to prompts is one of the things I’m looking forward to most. And just getting to take in all kinds of different writing styles. There’s so much to learn from. =)

  1. A purposeful poem that shines with a love of language. I think the iCloud image is so good – really on point.

  2. Foolish Woman, reminded me right of Roy Orbison’s “Oh Pretty Woman.” I tried reading this in tune, it sort of will work that way. You covered the bases good, Angie. Best luck on getting 30.

      1. oh please. i’m a hack. a fake. a fool with a thesaurus. OK, I didn’t use one, but I don’t even think my own pen makes sense, so there.

  3. These are fine marching orders for a month of poetry — advice to the writer to abandon oneself to the nature of things (as Emerson advised in “The Poet”) and to avoid, at all costs, to be one of those poets who “live in their heated poems and stay,/content, in their narrow similes” (Rilke). There’s a topsy-turviness to this poem, the right-aligned fools cap, the jaunty patter of the automaton writer in all of us, filled with “pretty iCloud thoughts”–in the presence of the real, deep, surgingly blue waters spread just before us. To turn that dolphin squawk into song – now there’s where fools step off their learned meters into the abyss!

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