when it makes no |cheer|y sense

                         your weapons

                |red balloons|
with             laughing

                     float,        float ,      ing 
 imp |ish| ly 
               in the oncology wing

ing slower than
                  the time it took
         to fill these love|bombs|

   Hi,    iam                   here
for you


for dVerse



  1. Oh, my heart.
    red balloons as wonderful weapons, laughing gas/gasp.
    Perfection. And the words “oncology wing” are somehow also able to FLY, tucked inside this gorgeous piece.
    I hope you’ll link up fully over at dVerse. This needs widely read.

  2. love this so much! I put red hearts on each bed of the oncology wing and butterfly wings for the kids – this really touched my heart

    • Our women’s group just finished Margaret Feinberg’s Fight Back With Joy. She had breast cancer and survived. Cancer touched close to home for many of us too. Bless you for bringing joy 🎈❤️

      • I work with it everyday and am very humbled by the brave warriors I see, I am just a small speck they are the light that really shines. How lovely for your group to read that amazing story!

      • We’ve been lucky to have warriors in our lives who have fought and won. Something positive to hold onto is everything!

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