of sweat
ooze from every
single country
on her face
she is raw,
she is unkempt
she is beyond
becoming complete
un-doing traditional
bounds of beauty
as it may,
(Romeo) Juliet
but more than this
warpy reservoir
there’s the smell
of seaweed, the
color of speech
the accuracy of
diamonds, –
only now
you think you
have felt
cold in your
hot hands


for Real Toads


18 thoughts on “diamonds

  1. So so beautifully done. Every bit of this is authentic as hell, reflective and magnified, set in perspective and totally free-flying–and that’s just the feel and mood,–the way you have conveyed the subject matter is even more impressive. Fine work, and the centering works well–I often do it for shorter poems, because it seems to give that bit of movement to the words that they hold inside but can hide in more regimented single file left margin mode. Really enjoyed this–thank you.

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