this is all for you

the sky
is yellow
the fields
are blue
a meek sparrow
overlooks the swine

is this what i’ve become?
you’re sleeping on un-
cased pillows
i’m living with
crazy unbattened buttocks
a heart no longer
beating on my sleeve
it’s closer to center

time, you’re doing it right
– you are a friend


for Real Toads


8 thoughts on “this is all for you

  1. I’m with Frank. Love the idea of time being a friend… and a teacher. Still, it doesn’t seem that the speaker is too crazy about what they’ve become. The last line seems to be rolling its eyes.

      1. It’s the discomfort of having one’s heart in one’s throat that gets me. Crazy buttocks, bring it on. And although a heart exposed (on one’s sleeve) is not the safest thing, a heart in one’s throat keeps the person from speaking. It makes me think of choking. Not very comfortable. Does that make sense?

      2. by crazy buttocks, i mean the crazy way it has of disappearing! geesh, maybe this is all negative nancy. and my heart in my throat means i can voice it…but you could be right, that it’s stuck. a revealing write…more than i knew

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