stars know
my secret note
i asked the moon
to float you
~ did you get it?
please respond


micropoetry for RT


19 thoughts on “clandestine

  1. Okay, I absolutely love the secret hidden title: clan destiny

    I LOVE the girlishness in this … that you’re passing notes via the moon (to whom? the sun, perhaps), and that the stars are giggling with you over it. What will he say? Yes, I’m certain. But who are you, then? Are you a mortal? Or are you planetary?

      1. Well, you might mean that you are not a cat; you are just a girl … in wish case, I might argue. Or you might mean, you are (still) just a girl, meaning still a child, in which case, PRAISE JESUS! I hate feeling like the only one who embraces adult childhood and refuses to take life so seriously. Can we puhlease just play and have some fun??? Something tells me you’re the girl to do it with. I’m really feelin’ your vibe.

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