when i move in
i want the room
with the window
with an upward slant

with brassiere hooks,
or erector set slats
that’ll take me
a while to finagle

i want a new open
that’ll stay open
when i push the pane
into flying squirrels &trees

when i move in
i want no sidewalks,
stairs, mailboxes,
no directional hemispheres

will you honor me
with a slant
window? if so, i’ll jump
swiftly into the bay

which always lingers
like a lost lilly
under the moon, –
oddly tilt towards me


for dVerse poets


29 thoughts on “journey

  1. As Groucho Marx once said,
    “Love flies out the door
    when money comes innuendo.”

    Such rich and subtle wordplay here, Angie.
    Can’t quite wrap my head around it, which is my favorite kind of poem.
    Love It!

  2. God loves poetry. How else are we gonna say what we most heart-fully mean? Without that tilt it’s plain as day — useless — to love, to whatever we need to fill past the brim, to our heart’s content.

  3. I like the idea of a journey being like moving into a house. These two lines stood out for me: “i want a new open
    that’ll stay open”. I expected “open” to be an adjective rather than a noun.

    1. yes, Frank:) My daughter is moving into an old, old building with windows that remind me of my own apartment dwelling days. I’m reminding her to stay “open” to the whole experience.

    1. I’m asking Mackenzie to please give me more! She sent me some pictures of her new flat in NZ, and I’m in love with her bedroom window! Of course, she took me on a virtual FaceTime tour too, but those still shots startle me. Hopefully she is settled in sufficiently enough today to work on her first blog entry. Yay!

      1. I can feel your mama’s heart in this. What is it about our offspring finding/going/doing/living in a new place? I always am drawn to new living quarters and a part of me yearns for that age so I can do it all again.

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