before dinner

i was breathing
light &easy,
jogging around
a circle loop
atop Jackson Lake
in my nondescript
tennis shoes.
i passed a smaller
camp’s empty amphitheater.
one more time,
i went down &around
the loop filled with sugar pines,
darting bluejays,
this time noticing bench seating
carved into the earth.
i circled again,
young enough not to break
a sweat traipsing over hill
and vale. this time
a cross entered my vision.
i kept jogging around
those cross beams
looping again. &again.
until on the 7th loop
i stopped &embraced it
“see how much I love you”

&that’s when
i was breathless


Love for Real Toads


14 thoughts on “before dinner

  1. Oh my God (literally!)
    This was breathtaking. I have goosebumps.
    Don’t you absolutely love those discoveries? I believe in my heart that there are no accidents or coincidences in that space. Love you for sharing this. xo

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