Life Choices

a golden vesper
on the rocks
~aspen leaf


cocktail napkin poem
for De at d’Verse


27 thoughts on “Life Choices

      1. Colorado is so beautiful. We lived in Arizona when I was about 12 years old, and we visited all four connected states, frequently. I also skied there in my 20s.

        We have aspens up in my Tahoe. There is nothing like that sound. Nothing.

    1. Shawna! I have no idea what your genius brain is trying to say to me. lol. If I had to choose between alive or dead though, I choose life. Still have no idea what I’m talking about. love to you though, my smart one

      1. I had read all the different definitions of “vesper,” and one was a sparrow. So I decided o read it that way … but a bird could be standing on a rock, or it could be dead/dying on a rock. I know that wasn’t what you meant, but it’s wherr my head went. 🙂

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