Be Unreasonable

It’s up to you daughter. The sandal’s
on your foot now. I’ve been trying to
forget myself you know, but this
sanctimonious jangle of time keeps
getting stuck in my stomach
sending me back to that bend in the
Gunnison River, my bike transport
thrown down in a fit on the embankment.
A ridiculous book loaner in my hand,
a younger me perched on a rock
trying to figure out how to live a snake-
bitten lifestyle, despite my higher
calling to sunshine & writing glimmers of it
down. But back to you daughter. Please be un-
reasonable. It’s your decision to make.
This privilege will mean the most to you,
and these parts will unequivocally be
your strength.


for Mackenzie & submitted to Poets Pantry

“…if you could teach your soul to speak”
-Jim Harrison


16 thoughts on “Be Unreasonable

  1. Such great phrases in here: “sanctimonious jangle of time,” “a snake-bitten lifestyle,” my higher calling to sunshine”—wow…’s just overflowing with brilliance (and great parenting of your daughter, too!!) 🙂

  2. That snake-bitten lifestyle! How liberating it is to be unreasonable, to find your own footing and make a space for yourself. That is what life should be about.
    And I immensely respect you for writing this verse for your daughter. 🙂

  3. Really hard to give the decision making to one’s child really… is a privilege as well a a responsibility. I really like this poem, Angie!

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