If I could tame the Thing I would

I tell my mood to sit still
on the table while i turn
somersaults and flips
into curt phrases and words
with irresistibly rugged legs
and swim model sculpted backs,
– and in one irrepressible quest
to be the ONE! The One?
I attempt to pick up the 500
pound elephant (like only I can)
so I can eat it dervishly
like a circus freak, – an antic
showcasing me spitting elephant out
on the carpet and protesting, “I don’t
eat elephant.” God damn it if
my mood just doesn’t just sit there
–stupidest thing (that I even try)



4 thoughts on “If I could tame the Thing I would

  1. This is BRILLIANT! This is the epitome of “show, not tell”
    I keep an elephant on my desk to remind to be authentic and address the hard topics in the room. Her name is Virginia and she has helped more than I could have ever imagined.
    I gotta send this one to Christy…

      1. Totally! Christy gifted her to me when I was struggling to be honest in my writing and kept beating around the bush. Virginia wears a purple tutu and can be very opinionated 🙂

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