in the bathtub of the little pacific grove house

i read john’s letters; the entire book.
– i come to my senses,
justify forty-seven years,
180 minutes.

in three hours i’ll shake
the thrice-run water
off my bare body, – which i’m
emotionally tied up with.

— the main thing is not to hurry
nothing good gets away
so don’t be afraid.
we’ve been through it together
so many times.

we met in college.
no bolt is required,
no curtain of clumsy music

in the great silence i fiddle
with which odd handle
spits glory water out once more
to warm my thighs, toes, dreams –

– i am unrestless in this hallowed break
of heaped out earth, framed in pine,
tiled in tiny teal hexagons.


QKJ #30


10 thoughts on “in the bathtub of the little pacific grove house

      1. Thanks for asking . Sarah is doing a bit better. She had a rough 6 months from July through January, but in our quest to get her ElectroConvulsive Therapy (for treatment-resistant depression – which is can’t have because of her Chiari malformation birth defect!) we found that her body hasn’t been metabolizing Folic Acid properly. If folic acid is not properly processed, antidepressants typically won’t work. We now have her on Deplin (converted Folic Acid) and wellbutrin and we’ve seen some positive chances. Also, she found out she’s going to be an aunt (and me a GrandPop-o) which I think is changing her mood too. How are you doing?

      2. The coming Spring and summer weather should help a lot too! Even if she doesn’t have seasonal affective depression, I am a firm believer that sunshine helps. I am finishing up my first year to go back to full-time school counseling. Praying my small town will have a job open up just for me soon, as we could use the money for all our kids and their college expenses. Our eldest leaves next week for 6 months of school in Wellington, NZ…a mixed bag of emotions for us both.

  1. I grew up in Pacific Grove, you know… this is a wonderful write. At present flying home from Miami (work) and hoping to read and write poetry again, now that the busy season has finally passed. Good luck with a position opening up… ~

    1. Love Pacific Grove! Welcome back to Cali Michael. And thanks…timing is everything. I need/want to help my family financially, besides being generative to local kids/families here ❤

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